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Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad is much more than just a chance to have an adventure abroad. Sure, you’ll get to experience a new culture, improve your foreign language skills, and make great friends while exploring the world, but study abroad can also have a direct impact on your future employment! You’ll gain many of the skills that 21st century employers are looking for, like intercultural skills, curiosity, flexibility/adaptability, confidence, and self-awareness. Because of these skills, most study abroad alumni say that their study abroad experience led to a job offer or a promotion, and almost all say that the skills they learned abroad were important throughout their careers, particularly when they were promoted into management roles.1

Study abroad can also be affordable. Not only do almost all UMSL scholarships and other financial aid apply to study abroad programs, but the study abroad office also offers substantial scholarships for UMSL students in addition to whatever aid you might already have! There are tons of other scholarship opportunities too, both from departments on campus like the College of Business, Languages & Cultures, and the Honors College, as well as generous and prestigious external scholarships like the Gilman Scholarship, Boren Award, and Fund for Education Abroad scholarships.

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1Farrugia, Christine and Jodi Sanger. Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Study Abroad on 21st Century Skills and Career Prospects in the United States, 2013-2016. New York: Institute of International Education, 2017.



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Triton Travel

If you are traveling outside of the United States in a capacity that is not a traditional study abroad program but in some way still related to UMSL, you need to register your travel with the Office of International Studies & Programs. This includes:

  • Independent research abroad
  • Traveling with a faculty member
  • Traveling with an UMSL student organization
  • Traveling for a conference
  • Any international travel sponsored or funded by UMSL

Register your travel with Triton Travel - it only takes 10 minutes.

If you have questions, contact UMSL Study Abroad at or 314-516-7195