It is important that students understand how their courses taken abroad apply toward their degree at UMSL. Students must obtain pre-approval for the courses they wish to take abroad by completing the Course Evaluation Form. Each student is responsible for researching what courses are available to take and for obtaining a University of Missouri-St. Louis equivalent course. The UMSL equivalent course number is the course for which you will receive credit on your UMSL transcript. Students participating on faculty-led programs with pre-assigned UMSL courses do not need to complete this process. To see which courses have already been approved, review the Courses Offered link on your program's page. If you are currently abroad and need to obtain evaluations, please review the below process and follow the steps as outlined here.

Students must download the Course Evaluation Form (CEF) and complete the following steps in order for their transcripts from abroad to be processed:

  1. SELECT COURSES: Review the course descriptions from your host university and select the courses you wish to take abroad. It is a good idea to have several “back-up” courses approved, in case the courses you intend to take are not offered or are full. It may be helpful if you meet with your academic advisor prior to selecting courses. Your academic advisor can instruct you on what courses you still need for your degree and may be able to assist you in identifying courses at your host university that may fulfill those requirements. List the courses for your program on page two of this document.
    1. CHECK COURSES OFFERED LINK ON PROGRAM PAGE: Check the Courses Offered section of your program's webpage. If the course has already been evaluated, you will not need to have it evaluated again. Write “Website" in the Evaluator Name section of the form. You will still need to have the form signed by your academic advisor. 
  2. CREDIT HOUR CONVERSION: After completing Step 1 and listing the courses on Step 2, return the CEF to the Study Abroad office along with information on the credit hours of your selected courses. The study abroad coordinators will convert the foreign credit hours to U.S. hours if necessary. You may either schedule an appointment to complete this step or leave it at the front desk. You will be emailed with it is ready to be picked up.
  3. SUBMIT COURSE SELECTIONS TO APPROVED EVALUATOR: Once the credit hour conversion is completed, you will need to meet with the appropriate evaluator for the department for which you wish to earn credit. In other words, if you want to receive History credit for a course, you must receive approval from the evaluator for the History department. You will need to have a copy of the syllabus or course description for each class you plan to take during the study abroad program. In most cases, the evaluator will be able to pre-approve your proposed study abroad courses; however, in some instances, the evaluator may need additional information and will not be able to evaluate a course prior to your departure. If this occurs, please encourage the evaluator to contact your study abroad coordinator with any questions.
  4. ACADEMIC ADVISOR SIGNATURE:  After you have course evaluations for each class listed, meet with your academic advisor, who can list any graduation requirements the courses satisfy and confirm that these courses will count towards your degree. After obtaining the advisor’s signature, make a copy of the CEF for your records.
  5. RETURN CEF TO STUDY ABROAD: After obtaining the advisor’s signature, make a copy of the CEF for your records and return the original to the Study Abroad office.
  6. WHILE ABROAD: If you register for a course not listed on this sheet, it is your responsibility to have it evaluated within the first two weeks of your program abroad. Immediately email the course description to the relevant departmental evaluator and your study abroad coordinator asking for a course evaluation. Failure to do so may prevent the course from being accepted at UMSL and may not count toward your full-time requirement. This may jeopardize any financial aid or scholarship.

What happens next?
Using your completed Course Evaluation Form, the Study Abroad office will convert the grades from your foreign transcript to corresponding UMSL courses and letter grades. None of the classes on the transcript can be processed until the Study Abroad office has received approved course equivalencies for all of the classes on the transcript.