Financial Aid

In most cases financial aid will apply towards an UMSL study abroad program. Students should, however, make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to discuss requirements and resources and to determine if he or she is eligible for additional aid during their term abroad. Scholarships and financial aid are disbursed to the student account no sooner than ten days prior to the beginning of the semester or summer session. If financial assistance is required prior to disbursement, the student should talk to Financial Aid about an "emergency loan" which provides money prior to scholarship or financial aid disbursement. Students planning to use Financial Aid during their term abroad should meet with their Financial Aid Coordinator will in advance of their term abroad. Detailed questions should be directed to Jennifer Nadler or Lauren Kocimski in the Financial Aid Office.

Last names A-L:                              Last names M-Z:
Jennifer Nadler                                Lauren Kocimski
Financial Aid Coordinator                Financial Aid Coordinator                 
(314) 516-4902                               (314) 516-4957
327 MSC                                         327 MSC

Note: If a student plans to study abroad during the summer, it is extremely important that financial details be discussed at the beginning of the academic year so that sufficient financial aid funds will remain to finance summer study. To qualify for summer financial aid a student must be registered for at least 5 credit hours. 

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney form is a document that creates a relationship between two people who are designated as the "principal" (student) and the "agent" (parent/other). The principal designates the agent in the document, and the agent is authorized to act on the principal's behalf--to stand in the shoes of the principal--for whatever business the power of attorney permits. A power of attorney can be general, so that the agent can conduct any sort of business on behalf of the principal, or it may be specific, limited to the transactions expressly provided for in the document. Third parties may treat the agent as if he or she is the principal in any transactions which the agent is authorized to conduct. Power of attorney forms are available in the Financial Aid Office, 327 MSC, and are useful, for example, in banking transactions, paying bills and obtaining academic records.


Applying is easy!
One form allows you to apply for all UMSL Study Abroad scholarships for which you qualify. The scholarship application not only determines your eligibility for study abroad scholarships through the ISP but for all study abroad scholarships on campus (such as the Pierre Laclede Honors College and College of Business Administrations study abroad scholarships). 
Click here for instructions on applying for an ISP Scholarship.

Study Abroad scholarships are available for qualified applicants (UMSL full-time degree-seeking students only) through International Studies and Programs. These scholarships are primarily based on merit, and generally require a minimum GPA of 2.75 (although there may be one or two exceptions). Priority is given to students who participate in UMSL-sponsored programs. "International Studies and Programs" scholarships are available for all terms.

Scholarship announcements are not made until late in the semester and students should not base their participation on study abroad in anticipation of receiving a scholarship.

Scholarships offered by Partner Institutions (subject to change)

External Scholarships

You should not limit your scholarship search to offerings only available through UMSL. There are many external sources of scholarship funding. Deadlines are generally in February - April for the following Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters, so plan ahead! UMSL students have been awarded many of these scholarships in the past. Note: Deadlines may change from year-to-year, so check the sponsor's website for the latest information. This list is NOT exhaustive; be sure to do some research on your own.
Click here for a list of external scholarships