Study abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities available to UMSL students. Studying abroad is accessible to all majors and is more affordable than some may think. We have designed the website to include pertinent information on preparing for a successful program abroad. We encourage you to start hear, in the "Getting Started" section:

1. Review eligibility.

2. Learn about the differences in the programs available and read what other students have to say

3. Explore the program opportunities under "Program Search".

3. Explore how financial aid works as well as scholarship opportunities and cost information under "Financing Your Study Abroad." On the program brochure pages, you will also be able to identify budget sheets for each program to compare costs.

4. Meet with a peer advisor or Study Abroad Coordinator. We can help you to narrow down choices and find programs that best suit your personal, academic, and career goals. The Study Abroad office also has course catalogs, flyers, and guidebooks for many programs.

5. Set aside time to read the "Academic Information" to get an understanding of the differences in programs as well as academic expectations.